Toiletry Bag – Petra

Handwoven toiletry bag ‘Petra’ by Um Bassam in warm and bright tones made from recycled sweaters.


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Unique handwoven toiletry bag ‘Petra’ by Um Bassam, in warm bright and tones which capture the ambiance of world heritage site Petra. In the design of this toiletry bag modern design and ancient Bedouin weaving craft merge. Bedouin weaving craft, is an incredibly old craft that was essential to the survival of Bedouin tribes. The handwoven fabrics were essential to offering them protection from the harsh climate of the desert. Additionally, (saddle)bags were crafted out of the fabrics which made their nomadic lifestyle possible as in this way they could bring their essential belongs with them, wherever they decided to go next. Just like the crafts Bedouins used to make to suit their nomadic lifestyle, this toiletry bag is perfect to take with you on your adventures. It is big enough for you to take all your bath essentials wherever you will go.

At LUMEYO our goal is to revive Bedouin weaving craft and empower these women by supporting them to create their own livelihood. By training women in underdeveloped rural areas in Jordan in this technique, we support and empower them by helping them to create their own livelihood. Which in turn gives them independence. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to the revival of the ancient Bedouin weaving craft. The technique of the weaving craft has barely changed over the centuries, but unfortunately there are few people who still possess the skills At the same time, it is essential to us that our products are produced in a sustainable fashion. Our products are therefore created from recycled second-hand sweaters. Thus, with this bag you; contribute to the empowerment of Bedouin women, inspire youth to learn a craft and are doing something good for the planet, all the while looking fabulous.

If you like a different design, size or color palette, we would be happy to customize it for you. Please send us your input here.

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Dimensions 30 × 25 cm

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Um Bassam (Petra)

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