Pillow Cover – Amman

Handwoven pillow cover ‘Amman’ by Um Feisal, in black, white and grey tints made from recycled sweaters.


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Beautifully handcrafted woven pillow cover by Um Feisal, in black, white and shades of grey which reflect the patterns and colors used in traditional Bedouin woven fabric. In the creation of this pillow cover Bedouin weaving craft is combined with modern design.

The Bedouin weaving technique played a key role in the survival of Bedouin tribes in the desert as the handwoven fabrics were essential to offering them protection from the sun, wind, rain and cold during the different seasons. The weaving technique was used to create fabrics out of which tents, blankets, saddle bags, matrasses and rugs were made. The colors of this pillow cover reflect the black and white pattern of the fabrics out of which Bedouin tents were made, however they are finished in a modern fashion. The result is a one-of-a-kind quality piece produced by Bedouin women in rural and desert areas in Jordan.

This pillowcase is a unique one-of-a-kind statement piece that for sure will make your home even cozier. Traditionally, pillows and pillow covers are especially important in the Bedouin lifestyle. In the Bedouin tents, mattresses and pillows offered the comfort and the coziness of a true home for this nomadic tribe, no matter where they were. With this pillowcase, you bring a little bit of this Jordanian desert style into your home.

Not only, is this pillow cover a great addition to your home. It is also an exceptional way to support a great cause. At LUMEYO our goal is to revive this Bedouin weaving craft while at the same time empowering local women. The technique of the weaving craft has barely changed over the centuries, but unfortunately there are few people who still possess the skills. By training women in underdeveloped rural areas in Jordan in this weaving craft and in the design and production of our LUMEYO products, we support and empower them by helping them to create their own livelihood. Which in turn gives them independence.  We support Bedouin women with organization, design, and marketing expertise for them to develop as independent artisans. We stimulate local talent to take on more responsibilities to strengthen the local communities with their entrepreneurship. Which in the end benefits the flow of creativity and the quality of the work.

At the same time, it is essential to us that our products are produced in a sustainable fashion. Our products are therefore created from recycled second hand sweaters. Women pull out the threads and spin a double thread suitable for weaving. Thus, with this pillow cover you; contribute to the empowerment of Bedouin women, inspire youth to learn a craft and are doing something good for the planet.

If you like a different design, size, or color palette, we would be happy to customize it for you. Please send us your input here. https://www.lumeyo.com/custom-orders/

Check our Instagram page for more inspiration. https://www.instagram.com/lumeyo_jordan/?hl=en

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 60 cm

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Um Feisel (Petra)

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