Bedoubag is one of the items that Lumeyo produces in Jordan. Bedoubag is a brand of Lumeyo which supports and empowers local Bedouin women in Petra, Wadi Rum and Feynan.

Every Bedoubag is unique. Sustainable fashion and creations from recycled sweaters. This allows you to take your design or maybe even Jordanian heritage with you. Everywhere you go.

BedouBag sells in limited editions and all over the world. You can see Lumeyo’s sales points here. But, we also have our own collection right here on our webshop, available for you to directly purchase. All sorts of bags, clutches, pouches, cross bags or even shopping bags. But there’s more for you to discover: BedouHome for beautifully crafted homedecor and BedouYoga to make your yoga excersize complete.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then we Lumeyo also makes custom designs for you. You can start with your custom order, for bags, home or yoga items here.

The proces of creation of Bedouin Design is fantastic. On the ground loom, the products of Lumeyo, transform into colorful designs that match your wardrobe or home decor. Strings made with the Bedouin “Brum” and  pulled with horns from goats when on the loom. Similar to how the traditional Bedouin tents are made! Therefore, one of the pointers of Lumeyo’s mission is to keep these Bedouin Traditions alive. Bedouin by Design.

If you are interested in the process of creation of our Designer bags, then  and you want a glimpse behind the scenes: Head to our IG page for more information. You then also discover the latest collections, handmade with love, by Bedouin women.