Lumeyo is not just another ethnic fashion brand. It is a piece of Bedouin art.


Lumeyo is a long-term social project, started more than 9 years ago, that aims to empower local women through the revival of their most ancient weaving tradition, passed down for generations, and to create a sustainable and fair business for them.


When a group of women from the Huatat tribe in Udruh, a village close to Petra, Jordan, met the Dutch designer Sandra Jelly, they decided to use their looming craft to create unique hand-made products that could unite fashion with tradition, local products with an international taste. Lumeyo was born, a non profit business to revive heritage through new designs and create a fair income for the artisans.


All the products are UNIQUE: they are made by hand by the women in Petra, loomed the traditional way, thus not two pieces are exactly identical.


All the products are RECYCLED: a group of women in Aqaba recycles second hand jumpers, pulling out the threads and creating colourful balls. Then the weaving women spin a double thread suitable for weaving.


All the products EMPOWER WOMEN and disadvantaged people all around Jordan: the olive wooden toggles are made by vulnerable women in Amman, while the leather work for our straps comes from Iraqi refugees, and recycled glass & bead work for tasseled decoration come from Syrian refugees in northern Jordan.


Buying a BedouBag, BedouHome or BedouYoga product, you are not only purchasing a beautiful and unique piece of Bedouin ancient tradition. You are helping to create a better present, and future, for the women and disadvantaged people of Jordan, in a totally sustainable way.


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